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INCREDIBLE! The bad ratings on Google are obviously a smear because what I experienced was not possible from what they have described. I was towing my 5th wheel to meet up with the family for our annual boating trip when my truck blew it's insides out the back! I was BLESSED enough to have this company show up! I had to wait to have someone come get my camper an hour and 1/2 on the side of I76 east bound on a Friday afternoon. SCARY! He sat with me the ENTIRE time and did not ...
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charge me one penny extra! He removed the 5th wheel hitch out of my truck and put it in my daughter's truck... in the rain! Then he sat there while we pulled out to make sure we safely got the rig out on the highway.THANK YOU A&R... trust me, the word is out! You are good people.
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Kelly Jerrold
Your business charged a ridiculous amount of money when my niece had her car towed to you after an accident left her paralyzed & unable to dispute your charges. Your unfriendly staff need a tune up as well! Hope you get your karma someday!
Robin Jenson
Stop screwing over people that are in accidents and cannot come get their vehicles! How do you sleep at night?
None of yor business